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Wheel Balancing, Tracking and Alignment

Let Angel City Motors handle all of your wheel balancing and wheel alignment requirements. We guarantee to save you money on tyres and balancing - with our help you can reduce your wheel alignment cost.

Wheel alignment and correct balancing is crucial for tyre wear and vehicle safety, this is something we are rather proficient at Angel City Motors.

Why Have Your Wheels Balanced?

Having your wheels balanced correctly ensures a smooth ride and even tyre wear around the circumference of the tyre. When wheels are balanced they rotate evenly and this prevents them wearing prematurely, helping you to save money in the long run.

All of the tyres we fit, whether they are new or part worn, are balanced as a matter of course to extend their life. Wheel balancing is included in the price of your tyre quote, or we can balance your wheels as a one-off service for a very reasonable £5 per wheel.

Why Have Wheel Alignment?

Having a front end alignment will ensure your vehicle drives correctly and prevent uneven tyre wear. Poor front wheel alignment can be caused by certain driving conditions, if you clip a kerb, hit a pothole or your vehicle has steering or suspension wear, this can affect how the wheels are aligned.

Have a rear, or front wheel alignment set correctly on your vehicle and this will ensure your tyres wear evenly and the vehicle handles well on the road. We can provide a FREE CHECK and only charge £24 for the complete adjustment for your peace of mind.

Book a wheel balance and have your wheels aligned today

To arrange wheel balancing, tracking or a wheel alignment, get in touch with us at Angel City Motors by calling 0118 976 1659. We can supply and fit tyres and include balancing in the price, so don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you today.